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One of the many advantages to living in the South is that it’s possible to do amazing outdoor living spaces that you can use all year long.  This includes one of the features that most homes built in the 80’s and later have, which is the deck.  Decks can be big or small, and are often not attended to well, or are too small–  having been given a smaller space with a contractor grade materials that come from a home first being built.

Codes have changed since many of these decks were built too, and we’ve all seen decks that collapse on the news under the weight of people, or pull away from the house because they were improperly anchored to the home in the first place, causing not only damage to the home but harm to people.

The deck area can be as luxurious as a client wants.  These days, we can build decks that are enclosed, like the “Florida Room” style, we can screen in the back deck, and some decks we create even have a fireplace on the deck so that it can become functional outdoor living space–  year round! If you want to entertain on the back deck, we can help, giving you the deck of all decks, complete with an outdoor kitchen area where you might smoke up some wings, covered spaces to keep the sun off of you, and functional yet beautiful spaces that are not only elegant and wonderful to look at, but are also functional year round. Decks don’t have to be part year use only.  We can create an outdoor living space on your deck that is useful to you and the family year round, for amazing outdoor enjoyment.  We’re deck builders in Lawrenceville GA, but we serve the entire Atlanta Metro area with quality deck building, including: Gwinnett, Suwanee, Buford GA, Flowery Branch, Duluth GA, Loganville, Grayson, and other cities in the area.


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Check Your Deck!  Call Us to come out and do a safety inspection on your deck.

Beautiful Decks are Great.  But it’s More Important that they’re Safe. 

You’d be amazed at how often we go out to quote a deck and what we find is a deck that’s barely holding on to the house, or a deck that was not created properly with the right footers and the like.  These things not only make a deck unstable–  they make a deck downright dangerous.  Metal beams used as support structures for a deck rust out, or if they’re of wood material they can rot and cause unsafe conditions for your deck.

Note to self…  if your deck wobbles under normal use conditions, like walking from one side of the deck to the other, if railings or supports have any play in them or give in them under normal use, or if you see rotted wood like we have pictured to the left, then you likely have problems with your deck and it’s time to call a professional to give your deck a safety inspection. 

Call Restore Now Construction for just such an inspection. One of our professionals will come out to your home, give your deck a thorough safety check and will make recommendations to let you know how you can make your deck as safe as it can be. 

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Engineered Vs. WooD

Which Should You Choose?

Engineered Materials Give Long Lasting Use!

Pressure Treated Woods and Other Engineered Materials.  Long Life, Low Maintenance, and an Elevated Appearance!

With new decking materials come greater durability and better maintenance. Originally, many of the materials for decks were natural woods that were quite hard, like cedar, which is resistant to pest infestation and termites, long lasting, and durable.  The maintenance costs on cedar are high, however, because if it’s not treated, it takes on a very dark color making the deck unappealing aesthetically to move Homeowners.  With the advent of pressure treated woods, it’s not uncommon to get 20 years out of a deck, particularly the plates which and have the sub structure last even longer.  So long as they’re well maintained and not termite infested, the supporting structure can last the entire life-span of a normal homeowner in their house.  

In more recent years, engineered materials have come to pass as well, including a brand called Trex, which has upended the market with it’s new composite materials.  It’s just as easy to install as wood, more durable, and requires less maintenance as the material is plastic composite.  These engineered materials are becoming more and more popular, as homeowners are looking for durable materials with lower maintenance costs.  Restore Now Construction installs all of these materials and can advise you on what is best for you. We’ll do an assessment of your needs, and help you come up with a plan that meets your aesthetic requirements, the functionality you want, and has the materials you desire. 

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The bathroom of your dreams is possible. We have been creating luxury bathrooms in Atlanta where you can relax and rejuvenate.


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Your kitchen is the heart of your home. We can help you select and install everything from the countertops to the appliances.



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