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Need to Add Space To Your Home Inexpensively?  Finish Your Basement!

Tired of Tripping Over Toys, or Need Extra Room for that Bar or Mancave?

So many of the homes here in the Atlanta area have unfinished basements.  What makes that space really fantastic as opposed to other places in the country is that in most situations  the majority of the basements here in the Atlanta area are walk-out basements, where they have a direct exit to the back yard at ground level. These walk-out basements are often well lit, have windows that show the beauty of the back yard, and they don’t necessarily feel like a stereotypical basement that’s dark and feels closed in.

Many of the basements we do have the same time and attention to luxury that the rest of the home has, with upgraded finishes and counters in the kitchen or bar areas.  Some prefer to have a kitchen in the basement in case mom and dad need to move in one day, and others prefer to have more of a recreation area, complete with a pool table or home theater room, and a fantastic bar area/mancave where the guys can watch the football game. Many also have added rooms for guests to come in and have their own retreat, complete with a luxury bathroom.

Regardless of your needs for your finished basement in Lawrenceville or Atlanta, Restore Now can create exactly what you need.  Our craftsman can examine the space, and give you a plan for what is unused space in your home. Schedule a consultation today!

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Adding space to your home without an addition!

Making the Most of the Unused Space in Your Home. 

Homeowners need extra space for a variety of reasons. Their families have grown in size, they have parents or in-laws who need to relocate and need the care of a loved one near by, or you really want to have a recreation space or to entertain in a way that your existing space doesn’t allow.  Whatever your reason, adding a finished basement is the way to go to maximize the space in your existing home without having to go through the hassle of moving to something bigger. Because the space already exists in the home as well, it winds up being the least expensive way to “add” space to an existing home.  

The basements we create are custom conceived, custom created, and can be as luxurious as the rest of your home–  so much so that it feels more like a “lower level” than it does a finished basement. With the right space, the sky’s the limit–  you can put a mancave in, a sports bar, a home theater room, added bedrooms, guest rooms, luxury baths, kitchens, or you can turn it into a true apartment complete with it’s own entrance to rent out or to house a loved one who you want to keep close by. 

Whatever your needs, our team of artisans and craftsmen will create the upgraded space to your home, exactly as you need.

So if it’s time to add a finished basement in Atlanta, call us now at Restore Now Construction at:  678.894.2563


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