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One of the most collectively used rooms in the houes is the kitchen, and having a fantastic one is truly important for the family these days.  Gone are the days where contractor grade appliances and countertops are acceptable when entertaining.  People in today’s world are accustomed to high end finishes, with natural materials for counters like marble, quartz, or granite, with integrated sinks and custom tile backsplashes.

Our specialists at Restore Now Construction can help you to create the kitchen you’ve been dreaming of, from the style of cabinetry you prefer to helping you choose the most useful and attractive materials for your kitchen work spaces.  Many of our kitchens have custom features as well, so that when a friend, family member, or a neighbor come in, they’re looking at something completely unique, that can’t simply be purchased with your local kitchen contractor.

We use the highest quality materials in all of our kitchen renovations in Lawrenceville, using artisans who are masters in their trades to create a space you love not only cooking and dining in, but living in.

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Just Because It’s Beautiful,  Doesn’t Mean It Can’t Be Functional

Bring Your Ideas for the Kitchen of Your Dreams, then Let Us Do the Rest!

So very many of our clients have a specific vision for their kitchen–  either a workspace they’d like to achieve to help with the functionality of the kitchen, or ideas on colors, materials, types of cabinets, or appliances. There’s nothing we can’t install.  When you call us, we’ll setup a kitchen remodeling in Lawrenceville design consultation, where we sit and listen, talk about what’s possible given the space, and we’ll give you a written estimate of what the kitchen will cost, and a timeline that we can work in that will satisfy your needs.

Our team at Restore Now have been serving clients in the Atlanta area with kitchen renovations and kitchen remodeling for more than a decade, with so very many satisfied clients who are pleased with our work.  We can provide references if you want them–  there are so very many of our clients who have enjoyed working with us– they’re happy to talk about our work and how spectacular their kitchens have served them since we did the work.  We guarantee all of our work–  so you will be completely satisfied with this expenditure on your home.  And, if you’re planning on renovating to sell your home– there’s not a better investment in your home that you can do to help increase it’s saleability.

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Kitchen Remodeling

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